About DataReel Open Source

Datareel is a comprehensive cross-platform C++ development kit used to build multi-threaded database and communication applications. C++ is a programming language that produces fast executing compiled programs and offers very powerful programming capabilities. Unlike interpreted languages such as JAVA and PERL the C++ language by itself does not contain built-in high-level APIs for database, communications, and multi-threaded programming. By using DataReel you can extend the power of the C++ programming language by using high-level programming interfaces for database, communications, and multi-threaded programming.

The DataReel development package was produced by independent work and contract work released to the public through non-exclusive license agreements. The initial work began independently in 1997 and was augmented from 1999 to 2004 by code produced under contract to support various applications. Several developers throughout the World have made contributions to enhance the DataReel code and promote its stability. In 2005 the DataReel code library underwent intense analysis to produce a bulletproof code base suitable for use in complex commercial applications.

Why Use DataReel?

DataReel simplifies complex time consuming database, socket, and multi-threaded programming tasks by providing JAVA like programming interfaces for database, communications, and multi-threaded programming. Using DataReel you can harness the full power of the C++ programming language and build stable end-user applications, embedded systems, and reusable libraries for multiple operating systems.

DataReel is flexible. Using DataReel gives your developers the flexibility to develop core application components independently of complex user interfaces. DataReel is portable. DataReel not only offers portability but also interoperability between multiple platforms. DataReel is modular. DataReel is a modular approach to network and database programming making code adaptation and cross-platform testing easy.

Who Can Use DataReel?

The DataReel toolkit is available to commercial, individual, and academic developers. The DataReel code base is distributed to the public in an open source format. This keeps the code stable through the continued support of worldwide developers who submit code enhancements and report potential problems. The open source format is also intended to promote the C++ programming language as the language of choice for any programming task.

Who Can Contribute?

The DataReel project accepts bug fixes, enhancements, and additions from all developers. Source code updates and contributions are managed in our git repo. Visit us on GitHub.